This section will be comprised of a combination of short stories, songs, poems, and other ramblings I've dug off old hard drives recently. Most of the pieces found here were written a very long time ago. Writing has always been one of those activities that I have a fleeting intent of doing more of or getting serious about, but I can never seem to muster a sustainable strategy to make that happen. Maybe someday!

Short stories

The Traveler 1992 - written in Junior English class; I actually got an A+ on it and the teacher wrote, "You have a real talent to write!" đŸ˜‚

The Traveler.docx

The Green Between 1991

The Green Between (1991).docx

Life Gone Bad 1991

Life Gone Bad (1991).docx

Living, Loving and Dying 1992

Living, Loving & Dying (1992).docx

Eyes of the Land 1993

Eyes of the Land (1993).docx

The Jungle 1993

The Jungle (1993).docx

The Mighty Dragon 1993

The Mighty Dragon (1993).docx

Not Just Another Day 2007

Not Just Another Day.docx

Incomplete / Other / Random

Drive 1992 (Incomplete)

Drive (1992 - incomplete).docx

Beach Walk 1990

Beach Walk (1990).docx

My Life 19?? (Incomplete)

My Life (? - Incomplete).docx

God's Assignment 2002 (Incomplete)

God's Assignment - (2002 - Incomplete).docx

May My Dreams Come True 1993

May My Dreams Come True (1993).docx